Board Facilitation

We offer professional board facilitation services. Through these facilitations we strive to help companies or non-profit organizations identify their strategic objectives for the year and assist them in developing a plan to accomplish those objectives. We incorporate team building exercises, identification of strengths and weaknesses, and much more into these meetings.

Another area of focus is the facilitation of customer advisory boards (CABs) for hotels, convention bureaus, convention centers and meeting planning companies. The work with CABs is conducted in collaboration with Global Marketing Services (GMS), a well-respected marketing organization, founded in 1993. GMS has continued to grow with the increasing demand organizations have in developing stronger relationships with their customers through the formation and facilitation of customer advisory boards, focus groups and training programs for all facets of the meeting and hospitality industry.

“I can’t begin to thank you enough for all of your time and energy spent in creating a fantastic advisory board experience. It was a home run in every way and your expert leadership was a big reason for the success.”
David Peckinpaugh Vice President of Business Development, Helms Briscoe

“I could clearly see the benefit of having you facilitate both retreats this year and the positive impact of that continuity. Every time I see you present you’ve become even more powerful, graceful and intuitive”
Tamra Rutherford Professional Development Coach, Rutherford Associates

“Your down to earth real life approach to the world makes you a terrific facilitator. The retreat was very productive for all of us and caused me to do some self reflection”
Marc Berkowitz, CMP California Association of Realtors

“Terri (Breining) brings integrity to every aspect of her role as leader of our Customer Advisory Board, one part cajoler; one part mentor. She has long been engaged with Vancouver's ambitions to be the best in meetings & conventions as well as events, and has both coached and encouraged our Tourism Vancouver dreams into practical achievements.
Rick Antonson President & CEO, Tourism Vancouver